Hello, Flyffers! :)
We are going to have a maintenance today to update Flyff Legacy to version 2.5.12!
Duration: Oct. 31th, 00:00AM ~ 01:30AM PST. (1h 30mins estimated)

2.5.12 version patch note:
  • Fixed the Mercenary skill "Quick Impale" stun effect. Players couldn't move after the 2s stun.
    Adjusted the Chat system so that only the last chat channel selected is kept in the minimized chat window.
  • Added a download progress bar at the app launch.
  • Deleted some repetitive System messages.
  • Other improvements to the User Interface.
  • Improved the "Help & FAQ" section, you can now contact us and see replies directly from the game.
  • Routine Server maintenance.
  • 3 New Halloween Packages

Please update Flyff Legacy to the latest version. You can also update manually by visiting the links below.


Thank you for your patience and Happy Halloween!