You will receive Jack-o'-Lanterns when you complete dungeons or other tasks each day.
You can then trade these Jack-o'-Lantern for other items in the Treasure Trove.

Where to get the Jack-o'-Lanterns (Daily):

- complete 1 Daily Quest: 1 Jack-o'-Lantern
- complete 1 Story Dungeon: 1 Jack-o'-Lantern
- complete 1 Duel: 1 Jack-o'-Lantern
- complete 1 Daily Dungeon: 10 Jack-o'-Lanterns
- complete 1 Party Dungeon: 10 Jack-o'-Lanterns
- complete 1 Tomb of Ankou: 10 Jack-o'-Lanterns
- complete 1 La Christiana: 10 Jack-o'-Lanterns
- complete 1 Colosseum: 20 Jack-o'-Lanterns
- complete 1 Hanging Dungeon: 1 Jack-o'-Lanterns

Trade Jack-o'-Lanterns for items in the Treasure Trove:

Note that the Jack-o'-Lanterns can't be used anymore once the event ends!
The Franky costume is time-limited (not permanent), it will expire and be deleted on Nov.23rd 11:59PM!

Jack-o'-Lanterns will not be drop after Nov.9th 11:59PM PST, HOWEVER, you can still exchange items until Nov. 12th 11:59PM PST.
After that you will just be able to sell them for Penya eventually. *Jack-o'-Lantern can be deleted within few days.

We hope you enjoy this event and Happy Halloween!
Feel free to contact us for any questions.