Hello Flyffers,

We're starting 2 new events today.

1. Time to Upgrade your Gear! [Until Oct.26(Thu) 23:59 PST]
During the event period,  your success rate is increased by 20% from Upgrade +6!
It means that if you have 50% chance of success at +6, you will get 60% during the event (50%x1.2)
- You can upgrade your gear in the 'Forge'->'Gear Upgrade'.
- Using an Upgrade Catalyst will increase the current success rate additionally (the catalyst adds 1~5% chance flat, whatever your current chance is).
- When you upgrade multiple gears, you can get a 'Gear Upgrade Buff'.
(i.e. 8x Gears +7 will increase Physical & Magical ATK by 3%)

2. Boost up your Zodiac buffs! [Until Oct.26(Thu) 23:59 PST]
- 10% off! Unlock Grade 2 for 450 diamonds from 500 diamonds before.
- 20% off! Unlock Grade 3 for 1600 diamonds from 2000 diamonds before.
- 30% off! Unlock Grade 4 for 3500 diamonds from 5000 diamonds before.
Tip: You can unlock your Zodiac grades with soulbound diamonds. You need to activate the 12 stars in a Grade in order to unlock the next grade. The higher the Zodiac Sign Grade, the better the stats buffs!

Only 777 Diamonds event / Cloud crater & Monster Lair Time event period has ended - we'll be back with more attractive events.

Enjoy Flyff Legacy!
-the Flyff Legacy Team