Flyff Universe version 1.1.0 contains the following updates:

Flyff Universe Summer Update 2022

Please find detailed information about all the new features of the Summer Update 2022 in this document:

Other Changes

- Increased the maximum level from 120 to 140
- The skill Berserk now also grants Block Penetration + 15%. This is a new stat which reduces the effect of your target’s block rate
- Added 15 and 30 day Scroll of Combined Party Effects, as well as a bundle version including all the individual scrolls in the cash shop which activates all 4 party scroll effects, at a lower total price
- Added Upgrade NPCs next to the Arena
- Increased the maximum level required to use Buff Pang from 30 to 75
- Knight rage HP decrease effect changed from -20% to -10%, and added Block Penetration + 10%
- Increased Swordcross proc rate on Knight 2H weapons from 20% to 24%
- Lifesteal is now reduced in AoE combat, similar to the Herd mechanic
- Added Lava to the Magmient area in Darkon 3, as well as the entrance to Clockworks
- Volkane Giants do not have a level difference drop penalty (including the Red Meteonyker)
- Added Shade’s Boost to giants, which is a buff that slowly increases their speed gradually from 8% to 150% after not being able to attack for 7 seconds
- Selling items through your vendor shop now gives a notification in the system message window
- Brown item name color is now brighter
- Fixed a bug where damage over time effects would apply attack% modifiers twice

- The Japanese service for the game is now available (August 17th). You can log into the Japanese server under the Asia tab in the server selection step of logging in
- The Game API has been moved to
- The Game API has been updated to game version 1.1.0, and API version 1.3.0:
  * Added a route for skill awakes at /skillawake
  * Added a route for raised pets at /raisedpet
  * Added an exact attackSpeedValue property to weapon items
  * Added an event boolean to monsters
  * Added upgradeLevels property to jewelry items
  * Added upgradeLevel property to quest rewards where applicable
  * Added abilities property to skills schema
  * Added resistElement data to monsters
  * Added new attributes blockpenetration and pvedamagereduction