We're very sorry to hear about this incident.
Please be aware that we can not retrieve your account, fCoins or any items for you again.

If the email of your account has not been changed yet, you can try to retrieve your account by using the password reset function on our website:


Please always take care of your account security. Here are some advices about how to increase it:

- Never share your account or the login data with anyone
- Use strong password and don't use the same login credentials on different platforms
- Enable 2-Factor-Authentification in your account profile at https://universe.flyff.com/profile

Although we can not retrieve the account for you, we could take a deeper look into the incident.
You need to submit a ticket for that. Please explain your request and provide the following information:

- Account name
- Account email address
- Last time you logged in to your account (date and time)

Unfortunately we will not be able to disclose any information about the investigation, though. But it will help us to understand what happened to your account. This way we can create more FAQs on how to make the account more secure.